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Strategic Planning

Understanding a company’s mission, vision and strategy helps leaders and their teams gain much greater clarity around their role and the opportunity they have to make a difference.

They participate in setting goals by translating corporate-level content into specific objectives and measures. They work more collaboratively across geographic and functional boundaries to execute core processes. They invest in developing their skills and competencies to ensure that they can consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

LPI partners with its clients to significantly strengthen strategic and operational alignment.

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Leadership Development

Leaders have been increasingly challenged to keep up with the accelerated pace of change in the global marketplace while achieving targeted results year after year.

They are expected to continually establish clear direction, translate goals into priorities, align their teams, work across cultures and develop their talent. They constantly have to calculate the impact of their actions on others. They struggle to make their own transitions and provide guidance to others while changing roles or expanding responsibilities.

LPI works with its clients to accelerate their growth and improve overall effectiveness.

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Organizational Change

Transforming a company or division means coming up with entirely new ways of doing business. Organizations committed to this type of innovation drive fast-cycle change.

They challenge existing assumptions, stimulate radical new thinking, experiment with extremes and redefine the rules. They often focus on end-to-end processes that cross-departmental boundaries and delight the customer. They care deeply about finding new and better ways to maximize performance and strengthen competitive advantage.

LPI collaborates with its clients to design and implement transformational change.

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